Ghost Rider

Discover how, allegorically speaking, Jane Doe -755 is the Ghost Rider.

Jane Doe Is The Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider by Ninja Bambi 9th Oct. 2014

The long chain, the accessory and tool selected by the Ghost Rider, is used to catch criminals, as depicted in the comics, movies and games of this genre.

And then there are the chains which the criminals themselves use or are caught and bound by. I refer to the Chains of Office.

Titled offices, such as Chief Justice/Lord Mayor/Mayor/Chief Councillor, etc. hold and wear their ceremonial Chains Of Office.

There are numerous elaborate and ancient insignia and symbols of authority associated with incorporated entities – take a look if you are interested.

All those in any branch of Church/State, of government, law-enforcement, legal system, etc., have in some way oathed themselves to serve an aspect of the Triple Crown and in this manner each are guilty of all the harms caused/effected by the existence of and service-given to the Triple Crown construct.

This guilt filters down through every level of society, including all workers within local authorities/councils, schools/hospitals, etc. Essentially any/all takers-of-names for pro-cess-ing of any matter, such as in order to issue permits, send bills, etc., are all guilty of, at the very least, fraud and enticement into slavery, by association, omission or commission in all cases where a legal name is required, demanded, taken and used.

The Ghost Rider knows very well that these same Chains of Office, the many individual chain-links both connect and bind the various men and women who hold such offices, work in such roles, to each other – they are all connected, the colleagues, minions, masters, supervisors, assistants and, ultimately linked to every single victim of the multitude of harms perpetuated and perpertrated within the endlessly linked and inter-linked contracts and crimes committed globally, each day, for milennia.

Time for all this to stop?


It occurred to me, in light of recent developments, in which Kate of Gaia was gifted a Legal Name to use in honour, that of Jane Doe-755, and the fact that we now have a unique position in regards to this control system and how to make those criminals within in it accountable in Universal Law and Honour, in that any benevolent soul can use the G.I.F.T of the honourable legal name, Jane Doe-755, and the fact that I had recently watched the movie Ghost Rider, this clicked with me…

Q: Who Is The REAL Ghost Rider?

A: Jane Doe-755, that’s who!

The Ghost Rider may have originated as a Comic Book Hero but has now morphed into a

Universal Bitch Slap

applied upside the head of the whole control system which has been running rampant, enslaving humanity, warmongering, raping, murdering and kidnapping, for far too long.

The G-Host Right-Err is here to ensure the system rights its own errors, by default, if not by choice.

Either way, humanity wins!

Jane Doe-755 is the ghost in the machine and this ultimate truth and accountability virus is already running through the system’s main frame.

For more on Jane Doe, aka, the Ghost Righter/Ride-Err/Ridder (Ridder means Knight in Dutch)…the Ghost Ridder of System Errs/Errors and Harms upon Humanity, visit

Other recommended sites:

Essential reading (minimum recommended):

Link to Ghost Rider .pdf



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