Jane Doe -755

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JANE DOE-755 is an honourable legal name, (an honourable citizen of City of London, State) which was GIFTED to Kate of Gaia by the Crown Corporation agents at Mount Sinai Hospital when Kate attended for emergency care and would not supply the staff with a name or I.D. (for to do so would be committing fraud).

Learn about the legal name fraud by reading ALL of Kate’s Writings.

Hospitals must treat emergency cases, and without a name, they must provide a name for their records/system.  In this case, the name they provided for Kate to use, the gift they gave her without any restrictions placed upon it, was JANE DOE-755.

Kate, knowing what the legal definition of a G.I.F.T actually is, and that any gift may be gifted onward to others, has made it clear this particular gift is for ALL who may wish to use it, all those who stand in truth with no legal name, those with benevolent and honourable intent ONLY.


Here are the Jane Doe Motion – Templates for those who may wish to use them.

Jane Doe Motion – User Template

Jane Doe Motion – Criminal Negligence Template


Here is the Jane Doe playlist: A collection of Kate of Gaia’s radio shows which feature Jane Doe-755 information and stories, courtesy of The Light Workers Media.

Here are Victory Stories, several using Jane Doe-755, courtesy of Lose The Name.


‘Kate of Gaia’ is synonymous with Truth, particularly the Truth about the Legal Name Fraud, and Jane Doe-755 is 100% all about Truth, Honour and Benevolence for all of Humanity.   We are all Jane Doe-755, potentially,  should we ever need to give life to this Honourable Legal Name, e.g. if forced into any situation where an Honourable Legal Name is required.

Remember, Jane Doe -755 is for those of benevolent intent only.  S/He is not available to real criminals  who may attempt to shirk responsibility for an actual crime against another Living Soul where there has been harm or loss.   

Kate of Gaia is relentless and tireless in her efforts to get this truth out.  Fearlessly she has, and continues to, expose this and many truths, ‘outing’ the real criminals, fraudsters and liars embedded within this false reality/control-system/matrix illusion and  Jane Doe-755 is just one of Kate’s many GIFTS to humanity.  Through her devotion to truth, her investigations and revelations of how humanity has been enslaved, she has lost and suffered so much, yet she never gave up and never gave in and never will.

Kate has written about everything she has uncovered and learned.  Kate’s writings will enlighten and empower all who wish to know what is really going on and how they can free themselves from a life of voluntary, if ignorant slavery and criminality.

Kate of Gaia  hosts an Open Forum “no holds barred” truth at all costs round table where all are welcome, all are equal where the table belongs to one and all.  Discussing the allegorical spiritual nature of this realm versus the physical literal illusions everyone is spellbound into.  7 shows a week on Legal Name Fraud Radio.







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